Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ventubes Replacement Air Vent

The front air vents in my Cessna 182 have been quite annoying, and I think they are for many people. I had heard of these Ventube replacement air vents, and thought it was worth a try since they are pretty inexpensive. So far, they have far surpassed my expectations. So I thought I would write a quick review of my experience.

Ventube Cessna Air Vents
The Ventubes Replacement Front Air Vent are available at this Vantage Plane & Plastics ventube page and also from Aircraft Spruce ventube page for under $100 for a pair. And they work for most models of Cessna single engine aircraft: Cessna 120, 140, 150, 152, 170, 172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 190, 195, 205, 206, 207, 210 thru F, and 305's.

One thing I wondered was what they would look like in my plane. I did not see any pictures of it. So here are a couple pictures.

Here is one with it closed and locked. It looks pretty similar to the original except it has the bumps around the side to help twist the outside.

Ventube Cessna Air Vents
Here is a picture with it out and extended. It once again looks pretty similar to the stock one.

Ventube Cessna Air Vents

The big difference in the way this works is in the sleeve that the new vent fits into. The stock vent does not have this sleeve and leaks cold air between the wind screen and the white molding. The molding stops the air flow a bit, but not that well. We had started stuffing paper towels and such to try to improve the leaking air flow with the old vents. The new vent and its sleeve stops the air flow completely. Very nice!

I read the instructions which looked pretty easy, and my A&P put them in. He said it was easy. I had him transfer the temperature probe over from the old vent as well which was simple for him. There is a 337 Form to file for the STC, but that is not too hard for an A&P.

So the plastic ventubes do not look fancy, but they work great and look pretty similar to the original vents. If you have the original stock vents, I highly recommend you get a pair.



Ed said...

Just installed the vents in my 1956 C-182. They look and work better than the original cans. When fully closed, they form a tight air seal. Great product for the money! Now I need to find a new outside air temp gauge. The old one is almost completely fogged over.

Terry said...

I installed Ventubes in a costomers older 210. I noticed right away that they are a mechanics nightmare. Once they are installed according to the instructions, you can not remove the plastic front door post cover for maintenance or inspection with out removing the wing root fairing and the screws that hold the ventube in place.The person who designed these Ventubes needs to have a window installed near his belly button!

Brian said...

That is interesting to notice. Good to have a different side of things. I haven't noticed needing access to this area much before or after I installed them. If you are looking during the annual inspection, the fairing is already off and it should be pretty easy. Are there other times you might want to look behind the front door post cover?