Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Favorite Flying Books

I thought I would pass on some book ideas that I have really liked. They are easy reading, inspiring, and about flying.

A story about two teenage boys who join together to rebuild a Cub and fly it across the country in 1966. It is about flying and about the brothers and their family. They encounter some interesting weather situations as the cross the country with just a map and compass.

Moondog's Academy of the Air and Other Disasters by Peter Fusco
How a pilot started his career many years ago with flight instruction and freight hauling. It sounds normal from that situation, but it is not normal at all and quite funny and amazing to read.

Flying: The Aviation Trilogy (Scribner Classics) by Richard Bach
Three great stories including barnstorming and flying for the military.

Wager with the Wind: The Don Sheldon Story by James Greiner and James Arness
Don Sheldon was one of Alaska's most amazing bush pilots dealing with many life threatening situations and rescues.

I would highly recommend all books. If you have read these and have additional suggestions, please let me know.


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