Saturday, April 12, 2008

Past Trips and Stories (2005-2007)

Some past trips and stories on our home web site:

Idaho: McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminar: The Story (2007)
The Pictures
A great chance to learn backcountry flying in Idaho with world class instructors.

Aerial view of sawtooth mountains
San Diego Trip #2 (Carlsbad): (2007)
I still need to put some information together on this trip.

Reno Air Races: More Pictures (2006)
My first trip to the Reno Air Races. Very impressive. Planes flying around a 6-8 mile circle at speeds over 500mph and less than 1000' off the ground right with the finish line right in front of the grand stands. Lots of other stuff to look at there as well.

Aspens in the Fall: More Pictures (2006)
A pretty trip with some friends. It has just snowed a little, the aspens were in bloom, and the mountains were beautiful.

Aerial view of aspens and snow

San Diego Trip #1 (Downtown San Diego) & Albuquerque: Pictures and Story (2006)
The trip from Colorado to San Diego is a nice one along the Colorado River. Rockies, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National park, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, and others. San Diego is of course a nice place in itself. I was nervous of California air traffic, but it was not too bad.
Lake Powell Aerial

Teton National Park: More Pictures (2006)
A beautiful place to go that is not too far by plane. The approach to this airport is incredible.
Jackson Airport approach

Grand Canyon & Sedona & Durango: More Pictures (2005)
A beautiful long weekend trip.
grand canyon aerial

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