Friday, November 28, 2008

Big Creek Lodge Fire

I am very sad to say that I heard the main lodge of the Big Creek Lodge at the Big Creek Airstrip (U60) burned down on October 23, 2008. I found out recently and found details in an article from KTVB on-line. The main lodge burned to the ground, and only the duplex, shed, and shop are still standing.

Big Creek Lodge Fire

Image from KTVB article: Courtesy Walt Smith.

Big Creek Lodge after fireImage from KTVB article: Courtesy Walt Smith.

Below is the way I remember the lodge when I went there earlier this year and mentioned in my blog post about Big Creek and my blog about my camping weekend in Idaho.

Big Creek Lodge main lodge

Image from KTVB article: Courtesy Debbie Gibbons-DeRouen.

It was a wonderful old rustic lodge. The article mentions it was constructed in 1932.

Just inside the door was their main reception area; kitchen area behind that; and then to the right was the place for great large made to order breakfasts. Great if you were staying there in the lodge or if you were camping and wanted a break from cooking your own. It was great to wake up from camping and wander over for a fresh cup of coffee and talking with other people there. At night, the lodge hosted a wonderful campfire that we all gathered around. The lodge caretaker's were wonderful hosts.

I talked briefly with the owner, and they mentioned that they were still deciding what to do. It will of course never be the same, but it was a wonderful place for a lodge, and I hope it is rebuilt.